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According to Lonely Planet, one expat called this hot spot the “black hole of happiness.” You’ve been warned! Heed caution when visiting Costa Rica because you might never leave. But why would you?

While I have yet to meet a shoe that I don’t like and my stroll is faster than a speed walkers, there’s something to be said about a place where shoes are optional and siestas are mandatory. For those city dwellers, it’s time to overdose on nature because this country is all about its pristine sand beaches, breathtaking views, and lush rainforests.

Stay active by surfing, practicing yoga, zip lining, horse back riding, or trekking through the rainforest where you might run into a sloth! How can you deny the allure of the sloth?!

Or, embrace nothingness. Lounge on the beach with the local beverage of choice, cacique guaro, and  laugh at the lobster…

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Healthy Housewives

l blog 5 First understand that anything in this article is by no means a judgment , a mocking of others, or meant to show myself in a “know it all” light.
This is more of a been there – done that…A learned it, lived it kind of thing, an educated awareness and profound aha .
An observation of loved ones and an empathy of the people I coach that want nothing more to finally do everything they want to do .
This year I’ve adopted a saying “getting your mind right will make everything all right. ”
And I do mean everything .

If you are new to this , this first part may not sound like you ( because you are not even equipped with the how-to basics yet) so pay extra attention for the not-so-hidden tips of staying on track.

So check this scenario:
New Year’s Day … The last…

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The Travel Itch



We know the travel itch all too well, to put down whatever you’re doing, whatever you have going on and get out the house and jet off. You’ve seen a friend post on Facebook or Twitter a snapshot of themselves in front of a famous landmark and suddenly there it is in the back of your head, the travel itch.
        You would think that responsibilities would keep the itch at bay, I’ve got that essay due in next week, I’m pulling a double shift this weekend, its that friend’s birthday again, didn’t they have one just last year? One solution that I’ve found to curb the itch until you have the funds and time to escape is hosting couch surfers. It’s like bringing the adventure right to your doorstep. My flatmate and I have hosted people from France, Poland, Spain, Israel and a lovely couple from the Czech…

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Last surf of 2013!

love it!

The Typical Life of a Teenager

Soo how was everyone’s Christmas? Did everyone have a good day? One of the things about Christmas I always love is the huge lunch haha 🙂 I’m a typical teenage guy.. eat, sleep, surf, repeat haha! 😀 So yea that’s why I havn’t been writing for a few days, because I was at my cousins house and I didn’t have a computer available but I’m back now!

Yea so anyways there’s only 3 days left of 2013! I’m so excited for New Years Eve and also for 2014…. another year of awesome  fun and good times. So I wanna know what’s your plans for this weekend? Going to try get your last wave of 2013? Watch movies inside? Go shopping? 🙂 Have a good day and remember…


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No act of kindness is ever too small


Couchwasabi | Asian Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Today, I had an epiphany.

I went for a quick grocery shopping this morning and while paying for them at the counter, a grocery personnel–the security guard–came in line next to me to pay for his groceries. I courteously moved away my stuff so he can place his grocery items on the counter. He only had a few. I couldn’t help but notice that his items were ingredients for him to make fruit salad. So, with my unstoppable mouth, I playfully greeted him saying, “Uy, kuya, pang Media Noche?” (Are those for New Year’s Eve feast?)

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